Bahrain City Centre (BCC) – Hotels, Wahoo and Cinemas

Bahrain City Centre (BCC)Located in Seef district of Bahrain, Bahrain City Centre also often abbreviated as BCC is one of the most prominent and famous shopping mall and tourist spot. BCC opened its door to the public in late 2008 (September 2008), this multistory shopping mall is about 450,000 square meter having approximately 350 retail shops. Most of the brands in BCC are new to Bahrain thereby BCC is now the only spot to access these lavish brands.

Bahrain City Centre Waterpark

BCC is the only shopping mall in Bahrain that have a largest water park in Bahrain. Wahoo – the first indoor-outdoor water park  comprises of 15000 square meter area.

 Bahrain City Centre Cinema

There is no City Center without the cinema, movie theaters in BCC are one of the best cinemas / movie playing screens in the country. Referred to as  “Cineco 20 Cinemas “ the cinema have more than 20 cinema screens including 2