Cinema Bahrain

Well there are not many cinemas in Bahrain compared to the rest of the GCC but at least they exist so that’s something to make one’s weekend happening especially if you are into movies. Movies played in cinema are generally in English with french and Arabic subtitles however exceptions are made when big Hollywood movies are released and translated specifically to Arabic for the audience.

Some of the cinemas in bahrain are located below

  1. Seef I Cinemas (Telephone contact number: 17582220)
  2. Al Jazeera Cinemas (Telephone number of the cinema:17331900  )
  3. Saar Cinemas
  4. City Center Cinemas Bahrain ( Contact number to book tickets online if applicable as well : 17173242)
  5. Al Hamra Cinemas

Among these cinemas, the best place to enjoy a movie is in City Centre Cinemas as well as Al Hamra Cinemas, they play all sort of movies including but not limited to English (Hollywood), Hindi (Bollywood) and Arabic.

In order to contact the company running Cinemas in Bahrain aka Cineco, you can reach them via telephone line : 17864666 , alternative numbers to contact them are as follows



Bahrain National Museum

Bahrain National Museum is one of the most popular spot among tourists and is  a must if you want to know the culture and history of Bahrain. The museum has some of the most amazing ancient artifacts dating back to the  Dalimun era. Bahrain national museum was among the first museums to be opened in gulf region

On top of it the place is located near the shore contributing to the ambience of a vistor. The working hours for Bahrain National Museum is from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm daily and can be contact via their phone numbers: 17298718


Bahrain National Museum
Bahrain National Museum

Bahrain Mall – Reviews and Information

Bahrain MallBahrain Mall not to be confused with Bahrain Center / Bahrain City Center is one of the well known malls in Kingdom of Bahrain. Located in heart of Bahrain – Al Seef district, this shopping center is accessible from almost all major highways and roads. The total area occupied by Bahrain Mall is approximately 750.000 square meter  with total 125 brand outlets (mostly international brands) located within it. Geant the only hypermarket is located in Bahrain Mall as well.

Food court in Bahrain Mall: home to almost 18 different food outlets and has the seating for approx 600 people.

Bahrain Mall contact information:

Operating Timings: Shops operating timings are from 10:00 pm to 10:00 am (Friday , Saturday), food court however remains open till late night 12:00 am. Open 7 days a week

Bahrain Mall Timing

Ramadan timings for Bahrain Mall: 10 am – 2 pm and 7 pm – 12 am


Dana Cinema – Bahrain Mall

Dana Cinema BahrainDana cinemas one of the most popular cinema chain in GCC and most famous spot to enjoy movies on big screens and comfortable seats in Bahrain. The cinema plays movies varying from English, Hindi and Arabic. Dana Cinemas is located in Dana mall (Bahrain mall) occupying first floor of the mall. Dana cinemas is about 5000 square meter with 12 screens serving close to 420 movie fans at the same time (total seats are 420 in cinema). The sound system in Dana Theaters / cinemas is of high quality and supports latest technology such as DTS surrounds, Dolby Digital sound systems.

There are two main sections of Dana cinema commonly referred as Dana Cinema 1 and Dana Cinema 2. In order to enjoy latest movies on the cinemas, please keep in mind that first show of the new movies either English / Arabic or Hindi are played on Wednesday onwards.

Some of the quick info about the Dana cinema (mall movie theater) is as follows

Contact Details for Dana Cinemas:

  1. Located in Dana Mall – Sanabis, Bahrain
  2. Phone number: 175-58558
  3. Fax: 175-54270

Cinemas in Bahrain

There are two major cinemas in Bahrain which are as follows

  1. Cineco 20 Cinemas  or commonly known as BCC Cinemas
    Cineco 20 Cinemas
  2. Dana Cinemas
    Dana Cinemas Bahrain



In order to view the latest movies being played in each cinemas, please visit their respective website (website url mentioned in article)


Bahrain City Centre (BCC) – Hotels, Wahoo and Cinemas

Bahrain City Centre (BCC)Located in Seef district of Bahrain, Bahrain City Centre also often abbreviated as BCC is one of the most prominent and famous shopping mall and tourist spot. BCC opened its door to the public in late 2008 (September 2008), this multistory shopping mall is about 450,000 square meter having approximately 350 retail shops. Most of the brands in BCC are new to Bahrain thereby BCC is now the only spot to access these lavish brands.

Bahrain City Centre Waterpark

BCC is the only shopping mall in Bahrain that have a largest water park in Bahrain. Wahoo – the first indoor-outdoor water park  comprises of 15000 square meter area.

 Bahrain City Centre Cinema

There is no City Center without the cinema, movie theaters in BCC are one of the best cinemas / movie playing screens in the country. Referred to as  “Cineco 20 Cinemas “ the cinema have more than 20 cinema screens including 2