Cinema Bahrain

Well there are not many cinemas in Bahrain compared to the rest of the GCC but at least they exist so that’s something to make one’s weekend happening especially if you are into movies. Movies played in cinema are generally in English with french and Arabic subtitles however exceptions are made when big Hollywood movies are released and translated specifically to Arabic for the audience.

Some of the cinemas in bahrain are located below

  1. Seef I Cinemas (Telephone contact number: 17582220)
  2. Al Jazeera Cinemas (Telephone number of the cinema:17331900  )
  3. Saar Cinemas
  4. City Center Cinemas Bahrain ( Contact number to book tickets online if applicable as well : 17173242)
  5. Al Hamra Cinemas

Among these cinemas, the best place to enjoy a movie is in City Centre Cinemas as well as Al Hamra Cinemas, they play all sort of movies including but not limited to English (Hollywood), Hindi (Bollywood) and Arabic.

In order to contact the company running Cinemas in Bahrain aka Cineco, you can reach them via telephone line : 17864666 , alternative numbers to contact them are as follows