Where is Bahrain

BahrainThe most important page / article in this website is “Where is Bahrain”. For those who live in western countries or countries far away from Middle East have a very slight clue about Bahrain and always tend to ask questions such as where is Bahrain and vice versa. Well there you go, we can sum up for you in a short and easy way… so read on.

Bahrain is the small island located near Saudi Arabia / western shores of Persian Gulf. The official name for Bahrain is “Kingdom of Bahrain”. Bahrain stands at a very important location on world atlas, Saudi Arabia lies to the west  and is connected to the famous bridge / causeway called “King Fahd Causeway”.  The Qatar lies at the south east of Gulf of Bahrain. Though the causeway (long bridge) is under development and once the structure is ready then Qatar can easily be connected to Bahrain via this causeway.

In order to understand the location and view “where is Bahrain”, please see the following map.

where is bahrain
Location of Bahrain