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Ramadan 2012 offers in Bahrain restaurants

Ramadan 2012 offers in BahrainRamadan is ninth Islamic month where Muslims around the world fast from Sunrise (Suhoor) till sunset (Iftar).  Various restaurants and cafes in Bahrain are celebrating Ramadan 2012 by offering number of iftar and suhoor deals. Some of the Ramadan (iftar / Suhoor) deals for 2012 are as follows



  1. Bushra lounge at Bushido is providing a unique Ramadan experience at a reasonable iftar open rates. Iftar for weekdays cost around 12.5 BD and on weekends 14.5 BD

    Ramadan Gabgha @ The K Hotel – Klouds restaurant located in The K hotel – Juffair. Rates start from BD 10 +
  2. Iftar deal in Crown Plaza: Avail a Buffet at the price of 11.950 BD  (La Mosaique)
  3. Iftar Buffet offer at Takht Jamsheed – The Gulf hotel Bahrain  for the price of 15 BD ++
  4. Iftar Buffet at Al Waha Restaurant located in The Gulf Hotel Bahrain starting from the price of 15 BD
  5. Ramadan celebrations (Ramadan tent) with at Dragon Hotel and resort – Amwaj Islands. Timings  from 9:00 pm till 2:00 am.
    Ramadan offers at Dragon Hotel and resort